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Trends in Ultra-Luxury Home Sales in La Jolla, CA: What Buyers are Looking for in Today’s Market

luxury living area with seaview in La Jolla

With stunning natural beauty that blends seamlessly with opulent homes and an unsurpassed quality of life, La Jolla real estate is a top choice for ultra-luxury buyers. Today, they are seeking more than just traditional must-have amenities. Luxury homes need to cater to the latest buying trends, including reimagined spaces for work, relaxation, and entertainment.

Ultra-luxury home sales in La Jolla and the rest of the country have risen remarkably in the past few years. Nationally, there were $30 billion in sales of homes in the over $10 million category. And in the La Jolla region alone, 44 homes sold for over $10 million in 2021. That's an 84% year-over-year increase. Even with limited inventory, that demand is showing no signs of abating.

So what do affluent buyers want in homes for sale in La Jolla?

Luxury shoppers want a home where they can refresh, revitalize, and rejuvenate, as well as work and socialize. Here are what these discerning buyers will be looking for:

Exceptional exteriors

Outdoor spaces rank as one of the highest amenities for luxury homebuyers today. Curated outdoor living spaces for socializing and relaxing are increasingly valued for the private area they provide. They also allow homeowners to enjoy the natural splendor of La Jolla real estate. The opportunity to enhance one's mental and physical health in nature can't be understated. More outdoor space also means the addition of high-end recreational amenities such as pools, patios, and putting greens.

A refreshing escape

Some of the more novel outdoor trends include saltwater and cold plunge pools. With the benefits of smoother water and reduced chlorine levels, saltwater pools offer a refreshing and eco-friendly swimming experience. Cold plunge pools provide multiple health benefits, such as improved circulation and mental well-being. These invigorating amenities are popular among buyers seeking holistic wellness experiences. In addition, health-conscious buyers who prioritize privacy and convenience want state-of-the-art private fitness facilities.

A personal oasis

Highly manicured gardens and exquisite landscaping are a growing trend in ultra-luxury homes. As these meticulously crafted outdoor spaces embody elegance and sophistication, they are becoming a defining feature for discerning buyers. With their unique shapes, impeccable design, and abundant lush vegetation, these gardens organically blend with the luxurious ambiance of the property. They create the tranquil and opulent oasis sought by purchasers.

Uplifting interiors for every aspect of living

Over the past few years, everyone has become very aware of space. And what luxury buyers desire now is more of it. They do not want to be limited by square footage. Buyers want to have room for multiple home offices, a gym, and home theaters. The work-from-home trend isn't ending any time soon. The space for more than one home office has moved from option to necessity. There is a need for luxury real estate to offer spaces that provide functionality, privacy, and style without compromising aesthetics.

Going gourmet

Large gourmet kitchens are especially in demand. Grandiose kitchens with opulent marble islands that open to sumptuous living areas foster informal entertaining and a relaxing environment. Ideally, the indoor gourmet kitchen flows effortlessly into the cultivated outdoor space. High-worth buyers expect kitchens to be upgraded with the latest top-tier appliances and smart-home technology.

Personalized amenities

There are novel amenities that expand on the trend of buyers wanting to live in blissful retreats. In addition to traditional spa facilities, dedicated massage rooms are a growing demand. Buyers want the convenience of tranquil rejuvenation within their own homes. Wine cellars are also in demand. Their appeal lies with not only wine enthusiasts but also investors. In the face of market volatility, investors turn to vintages as solid stores of value. And they want a designated place to secure them.

Smart and high-tech

Luxury homebuyers also seek home environments enhanced by the latest technology. High-tech water purification systems have gained popularity among those concerned about the quality and safety of their water supply. These advanced systems not only provide purified water but also contribute to healthier skin, hair, and overall well-being. The addition of comprehensive security measures such as surveillance systems, gated entrances, and smart home integration further enhances a desired sense of privacy and tranquility.


Fireplaces are even receiving technological upgrades. Ultra-luxury homes are boasting new eco-friendly fireplaces that combine style and sustainability. The desire for convenience and environmental responsibility come together in the growing demand for electric car charging stations. Luxury homeowners want their cutting-edge electric cars primed and ready to go on a moment’s notice.

Lifestyle amenities beyond the home

Ultra-luxury homeowners seek the best of everything, even beyond their property lines. The saying "location is everything" has seldom been truer than it is today. Proximity to local lifestyle amenities is ranked as one of the top features for luxury buyers. From being close to the beach, golf courses, or cultural attractions, luxury property purchasers desire convenience in the activities they enjoy.

Learn more about trends in La Jolla ultra-luxury home sales

La Jolla's ultra-luxury real estate market continues to evolve, driven by the discerning tastes and preferences of affluent buyers. Interior and exterior spaces are being reimagined to fit the mantra of "vacation where you live." When you want to understand trends in luxury homes, Kara Kay is your trusted guide.

Kara is the preeminent agent specializing in high-end La Jolla real estate. Kara's expertise and knowledge of the area make her a sought-after resource for buyers looking for their dream home in La Jolla. You can discover where these trends are being embraced today with a simple search.

With innovative amenities and eco-conscious features melding with stunning architectural designs and breathtaking views, La Jolla is at the forefront of the ultra-luxury real estate market. Reach out to Kara today for help navigating this exclusive market and finding your perfect sanctuary.

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