About Kara Kay

A strong, clear and penetrating voice with wide range and versatility that has often been described as having the combined vocal qualities of artists such as Sarah McLaughlin, Loreena Mckennitt, Enya, K.D. Lang, Lisa Gerrard and Diana Krall. A bit of alternative folk with a tendency for jazzy, bluesy, reggae and middle eastern flurries to seep through. Moody lyrics that resonate with the deep rooted emotional and societal issues that affect and plague us all, yet still search for and conclude with optimistic resolutions.

Born and raised in the desert of Phoenix, Arizona. Studied and played music from childhood. Instruments include Trumpet, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Flute, Harmonica, Drums(Dumbek, Djembe, Percussion) Autoharp and Hammered Dulcimar. Was a part of Arizona's Rock, Reggae, Jazz, Blues, Middle Eastern and Experimental music scenes for nearly a decade. Worked, performed, jammed and recorded with various bands and artists from 1997-2006.

Finally stepped out with a guitar and debuted a solo performance in California at the Telemagica Festival in May 2007. Recorded solo demo in Tempe, AZ @ Red Mountain Studios on December 27th 2007 & released it in January 2008. Recently relocated and hiding out in the midwest, writing, practicing, writing, practicing. The rest is yet to unfold and be told...